About Relics, second in the Faye Longchamp mystery series–Faye Longchamp, an archaeology graduate student, is digging out of her depth. Assigned to lead her first major excavation, she arrives in a remote Alabama settlement hoping to delve into the history of a mysterious people called the Sujosa, who have lived in this valley since pre-Revolutionary times. The Sujosa, dark-skinned people of uncertain ancestry, interest biracial Faye personally, but they interest the agency funding her work for a simple and powerful reason: they carry an inherited immunity against AIDS. When this fact is uncovered, research money begins to flow, funding geneticists and historians and linguists and archaeologists like Faye, who are tasked with finding out exactly where the Sujosa originated and where they got those genes. Suddenly, these reclusive and suspicious people, whose government has hardly managed to find the money to keep their roads paved, are besieged by bureaucrats and scientists—like Faye—and they clearly don’t like it. Thrown into a project that may be beyond her skills and surrounded by people who wish she would just go away, Faye sets her mind to doing the best job she can…until a house burns down around her ears, killing one of her friends. When a teenaged boy is found dead at the base of a cell phone tower, many Sujosa blame Faye and her colleagues—intruders in their eyes—for the trouble that is besieging their community. Her archaeologist’s skills at ferreting out the past may help Faye unravel the mystery of her friend’s death, and they just might save her life.


Availability: Paperback, large-print, ebook and audio editions.