About Findings, fourth in the Faye Longchamp mystery series–Faye Longchamp is overjoyed to be back home, being paid to do archaeological work she would have done anyway–excavating a site once owned by her own family. That joy ends abruptly when intruders break into a dear friend’s palatial house and leave him dead among the scattered remains of Faye’s artifacts. None of the valuable artworks lining the walls of his home are taken. The open wall safe is untouched. Choice artifacts are left in their cases. There seems to be no motive at all for the vicious crime…unless the thieves were aware of the fabulous emerald he had been holding minutes before his death. But how could they have known? Faye had only uncovered it that very evening, and she had told no one. When his widow asks Faye to organize the relics left broken on the floor by the intruders, Faye realizes that there actually is something missing—not an emerald nor a valuable painting, but simply her own field notes. Faye’s professional curiosity leads her to seek the story behind the mysterious emerald, and her grief drives her to find out how her fieldwork was connected to her friend’s death. As she delves into these secrets, she comes to realize that the key to all her questions must be buried in the field notes now held by the killers…and those notes are written in her handwriting and signed with her initials on each page. The intruders have shown that they are more than willing to kill for that information. It is only a matter of time before they come for Faye.

Availability: Hard Cover, Paperback, large-print, audio, and ebook editions.