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Your Novel, Day by Day: A Fiction Writer’s Companion

Mary Anna enjoys working with future novelists, which is reflected both in her job as a writing professor and in her book Your Novel, Day by Day: A Fiction Writer’s Companion. This book, based on the fact that writing a page a day yields a book in a year, is intended to both instruct and support authors through the process of producing their novels.

Jewel Box

An eight-year-old girl who has just watched as her sister was kidnapped…

A nurse who holds the lives of a mother and child in her hands…

A theme park security officer who must figure out who shoved Peter Pan off a castle turret before the press arrives…

A makeup artist who has just found a murdered starlet on a movie set…

A woman who wakes up covered in her lover’s blood, knowing that she shares the DNA of the killer…

An environmentalist driven to solve the murder of a man guilty of a terrible crime against nature…

A man who would rather die than continue in slavery…

Find these unforgettable characters and more in this book-length collection of short works by Mary Anna Evans. Bonuses include a story by guest author Libby Fischer Hellmann and an excerpt from Evans’ environmental thriller Wounded Earth.

Stories and Essays

In addition to her crime fiction, Mary Anna writes creative nonfiction and literary fiction. Many of those stories and essays can be read for free online, so here are a few links for you.

“Destruction, Again,” Flyway
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“Curvature and Tilt,” Barely South Review
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“An Experimental Study: Cleaving the Bond Between a Physicist and an Engineering School Dropout,” decomP Magazine
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“The Calculus of a Pea,” Spartan
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Articles and Interviews

Mary Anna often writes articles on science, the environment, popular culture, and crime fiction. Some of these works have been cited by publications and think tanks including Yale Law Journal, Columbia Human Rights Law Review, CityLab, and the Urban League. Others have been syndicated in newspapers from the Seattle Times to the Dallas Morning News to the Miami Herald to USA Today.

Here are links to some of those pieces, as well as links to broadcast and internet interviews.

Articles from The Atlantic:
“Could Silicon Valley Be the Next Camden?”
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“It’s Never Been Riskier to Flush the Toilet”
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Articles from Dallas Morning News:
“Carrie Fisher Was the Princess We Were Looking For”
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“Our Unsinkable Debbie”
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“Yes, Women Are Marching,
but There’s Another Story We Need to Tell”

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Broadcast Interviews:
“Archaeology, Crime Fiction, and Science”
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AZTV interview on Plunder
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Indiana Arts Desk radio interview
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Internet interviews:
“Behind the Book with Mary Anna Evans,” CrimeSpree
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“Going Underground,” Oklahoma Gazette
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